Rural Pharmacy Education Program (RPHARM)

What is RPHARM?

The Rural Pharmacy Education Program (RPHARM) is the part of the collaborative Rural Health Professions Program at the University of Illinois - Rockford and seeks to prepare pharmacy students from the state of Illinois who will, after graduation, locate and practice in a rural community.

The Rural Health Professions (RHP) Program is the health professional education component of the National Center for Rural Health Professions.  In collaboration with the University of Illinois Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine at Rockford, the RHP Program promotes the health of rural communities through partnerships in education, service, research and policy.  It is an interprofessional curriculum which currently trains pharmacy (RPHARM) and medical (RMED) students for practice in rural communities.

The goals of RPHARM are to:

  •     Promote careers in rural health professions
  •     Develop and implement interprofessional teaching models to prepare health professionals for rural practice 
  •     Recruit students from rural and underrepresented minority populations
  •     Impact the rural health workforce through retention of rural health professions graduates
  •     Enhance community capacity building to address health needs for individuals and communities
  •     Identify, reduce and eliminate rural health disparities
  •     Enhance faculty research to promote quality programs and services for rural population
Who is right for RPHARM?

RPHARM students have a critical understanding of rural life and the medically underserved condition of many rural communities.  RPHARM students want to practice pharmacy and be leaders in the communities where they live and work.

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For more information about the RPHARM Program, please visit the RPHARM web site.