Rural Health Professions Education

The Rural Health Professions (RHP) program is one of only a handful of specialized programs dedicated exclusively to preparing students for careers in rural healthcare.  Begun in 1993 with the RMED program, the mission of RHP is to:
Recruit, admit, educate and train in-state health professions students who will
practice in rural areas of Illinois following completion of their residencies or degree programs



RHP is a supplemental education program - with distinct admissions, curricular, and support components.  The curriculum integrates community/public health concepts and experience into an educational experience that provides students with early, longitudinal exposure to ambulatory, primary care medicine.  The rural pharmacy and rural medicine students have joint classes and educational experiences throughout all four years as they work toward their degrees. 

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has asked members to create videos about the mission and vision of medical education that is oriented towards Primary Health Care.  This is a video about the NCRHP's programs and projects related to increasing the healthcare workforce with a focus on primary care in rural Illinois.  To view video, please use Internet Explorer browser.