Chataae (Well-being) Project in the rural Colombia

The Chãtaaee Project is a Community Based Participatory Action Research (CBPAR) Project aimed at community well-being or Chãtaee.  The project takes place in two rural communities (San Juan and San Antonio) in the Colombian Amazon and is directed by Sergio Cristancho, Ph.D.  Two local health committees were formed.  The following health concerns were idenitified as priorities:
  • Prevention of transmissible diseases
  • Basic sanitation
  • Social relations and
  • Spiritual health
As of 8/20/12, the Chatãee Project is reaching the end of its first complete CBPAR cycle. As part of the last two CBPAR phases (evaluation and dissemination), we used “photovoice” which is a qualitative participatory research method. Following general photovoice guidelines (Wang & Burris, 1994), we provided 24 San Juan and San Antonio community members with cameras and with a basic training on how to use them. Then, we asked them to take photos in order to answer questions about the community impact as well as the limitations of the project. After photos were taken, we asked them to tell us why they took each photo and we recorded their narratives. Results of the photovoice component were exhibited for a month at the Republic Bank Library Multiple Room in Leticia and at the National School of Public Health, Universidad de Antioquia. Community members, indigenous organizations, healthcare institutions, secretaries of health, universities and even the state´s Governor attended the exhibit and were complimentary of the work done by both community and academic researchers throughout the project.

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