Maastricht University Research Program

NCRHP has a Memorandum of Understanding with Maastricht University, the Netherlands, to serve as a site for 5th year (senior) medical students to conduct an 18-week research rotation and project, required for graduation from the medical school. 

The students must conduct original research from problem formulation, to hypotheses testing, to data collection and analysis and writing and presentation of results. 

Since 2007, six students have completed the research rotation in Rockford, working on projects in the areas of depression, diabetes and asthma.  Their project presentations are listed below.  

Kors de Gooijer.  Mental health in assisted living facilities.  February 2014.

Marre Andrée Wiltens. Asthma and depression:  A study of 18 to 45 year old asthma patients.  February, 2011.

Eelco M.G. Veringa. A comparison of Attitudes and reports of health-related behavior of Type 2 Diabetes patients between the United States and Mexico City.  February, 2011.   

Caroline Theunissen. Asthma and depression in 18-45 year old asthma patients.  February, 2009.

Erwin De Bliek and Rein Posthuma. Type 2 Diabetes patients' perceptions of and satisfaction with healthcare in rural areas.  September, 2008.

Two projects, involving three of the students have been published in peer journals.

Wiltens MMHA, Theunissen C, Glasser M, Zeitz H. Asthma and depression:  A focus on the patient factors of asthma knowledge, asthma severity and copying. Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management, 2012;19(6):1-7.  

Glasser M, Vogels L, Gravdal J. Geriatric depression assessment by rural primary care physicians. Rural and Remote Health 2009;9:1180(online).