Princess of Naradhiwas (PNU)


In 2008, NCRHP entered an agreement with Princess Naradhiwas University (PNU) in Thailand to replicate the Rural Medical Education (RMED) Program in the southern part of the country – becoming the first ‘test’ of the successful US model at an international location. 



Dr. Matt Hunsaker has worked closely with Dr. Ouichai Pleangprasit, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at PNU, and others, to establish a medical education program in this previously underserved region of Thailand.  Recruitment of students and faculty, development and implementation of a curriculum, and construction for teaching and classroom space have all been successful. 



Related to this, NCRHP is collaborating with the government of Thailand to co-host the 2013 annual meeting of Network: TUFH in Ayutthaya, Thailand, where the first class of PNU graduates will be recognized.