Rural Health Careers Camps

Through partnerships with various universities, colleges, and hospitals, the NCRHP offers an annual Rural Health Careers Camp.  The camps provide rural high school students with hands-on learning experiences about the different health careers and shows them the opportunities available in the various health profession fields.  

The purpose of the Rural Health Careers Camp is to:

  • Develop a qualified rural student base to fill health profession workforce shortages in rural Illinois

  • Strengthen rural students’ educational backgrounds and interest in rural health professions

  • Provide rural high school students with a hands-on learning experiences about different health careers

Camp Facts:

  • First camp was held the summer of 2005

  • Three and one-half day overnight camp on a college campus

  • 40-50 high school students from rural Illinois attend camp

  • Hands-on labs related to various health professions

  • Recreational activities in the community

  • Health professions students (some with a rural background) serve as camp counselors and provide perspectives on the college experience

  • Parent session about how to prepare/pursue a career in the health professions including information about college admissions, requirements, and financial aid.  


Thank you for a successful Rural Health Careers Camp 2017!

The 2017 Rural Health Careers Camp was held at Rockford University June 26-29, 2017. 42 students participated in labs, viewed an accident simulation, and toured Mercy Health Hospital in Rockford. Thank you to all those involved in this program!

Information for the 2018 Rural Health Careers Camp will be available in winter 2017/2018.